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How to start a blog that people can't get tired updating even years and beyond

At this time, blogging is not just a past time routine or writing as a diary. Many people have been successful in blogging field and it's already normal for them to earn a huge amount of money.

Despite on this, it is not clear that some blogs that never reach a year has being abandoned. Have you ever wondered how every blog site is built every second.

Some of which will actually reach the first year of its establishment and more can't. How else a blog can reach a half life of a decade.

What I mean on the above is from the information I found and read. Because only a small percentage will succeed in blogging. That blogging is not for everyone.

Often, these blogs will lose activity in just six months, though it's live online but it's not working anymore or no more actions done on it. It's natural as it will be called as dormant or not growing.

Now, how to really start a blog that people can't get tired updating even years and beyond. Let me answer it with my own…
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How to Remove Powered By Blogger Permanently?

How to remove powered by blogger attribution widget permanently in the footer of your theme in blogspot blog.

Before going to the process on how to remove it.  You must have to backup your blogger template because you have to edit your html code of your blog.

If anything happens to your blog or template modified doesn't work you have your backup template ready that we can restore it anytime.

In this this tutorial I have a two methods of removing powered by blogger permanently. Why two because some blogger template doesn't work on the first tutorial and some doesn't work on the second tuturial.

If it doesn't work to you the first tutorial then you need to try the second tutorial to successfully remove the annoying powered by blogger in your blogspot.

Tutorial 1: Remove Powered by Blogger by completely removing the whole code of the widget. Step 1 : Go to your blog "Theme" |click on "Edit HTML"

Step 2 : Ctrl+F in your keyboard and type "Attribut…

Top Five Habits Successful People Did

Do you want to become successful right? Well you need to read this article until the end. I know all of us wanted to become successful. Who don't want?

But how can we become successful in life and to the field we badly needed. The answer is to follow those people who really did it and become successful in their field. So take it seriously to read this article this is only 5 habits that a successful person have but that’s only if you want reach your goals in life. Are you ready?

Five Habits Successful People Did
1.Have your goals andplan It’s really hard to reach something that you want but you don’t even know what you want to reach!Am I right? Yes, because it’s like you’re walking in the desert without the direction and you don’t know your destination. All successful people are planning what is good and provide a clear and specific ideas and goals they want to do and achieve. You know yourself what you needand how you can get it. So if you want to get rich and become successful in life…

Biggest Reason Why People Doubt

Why people are so doubtful? Why we can't resist it?
In my own opinion, people doubt it's not because of their external appearance , no matter what you look like, he might doubt the way what the brain says.
Does this topic delectable to talk about? The truth is they're not doubtful with you but it's your face. They could be doubtful coz maybe they had so many experiences which is not good that you are experiencing now.
Have you not noticed, every time we eat in a fast food, we ordered just order and eat and eat.  And that's because we know that the food we eat is clean and good for our health.
We know that because we eat a few times and nothing bad happens to us. We know that coz we tested.
But when we eat at a tapsilogan or a typical cafe, in the first place we initially suspect? Coz usually the food that we eat here is cheap, delicious and dirty.
This is the big reason why people is so doubtful. When they have good experience with something, they rarely remember…

How to talked with negative prospects

Not all will see what you will see in this kind of business. Not all has a big dreams like you. Not really everybody will see what vision you saw in online marketing.
Our job as marketers is to find those prospect who are in the same wave as we think. Those prospect who see what we saw. Those types of prospect who also have high aspirations as we do.

Like us that we should be looking for. Because when you offer them your business system, we can easily make them as sales and joined you.
While you study and the more you learn, the more you well fit as a effective marketer.
And while you're still learning, it will be easier also to find the right people. Just like you.
So what you will do to talk a negative prospects. Lessons to find the right people. And you can do it, anyone can do it. You gradually learn for it. Just don't stop learning and don't  talking.
They're keep always asking me what was the best advice I can give them. well, it's not easy.
For me there is…

Internet Marketing Top Most Secrets Revealed

In this article I will be tackling secret information that can make people become rich in the power of internet marketing. This information that I will be tackling is from my coach that who taught me.
I know this information that you’re about to learn will make you become successful. I believe this can also change your life.

I want you to use this new knowledge that you will get to reach your goals.
I want to ask you one question “What is your goal?” what is your reason why you’re reading this?
vDo you want to earn addition income? You can definitely do it! vDo you want to become fulltime entrepreneur, quit your job and become your own boss? You can do it! vAre you dreaming to buy your dream car and dream house? You can do it! vHaving a time financial freedom? You can do it!
I know you can do it as long as you will take it seriously at invest some time and effort to learn this secret information that I will be tackling.
Stay focus and give this information 100% of your attention. This se…

Top 29 Effective Questioning Skills

Have you ever thought how other people are able to continue to generate sale and continuing to grow their team in the industry while you're stuck-up anyway.

Well this article will help you recruit more. So you have to read this until the end for you to have an effective question script once you talk to your prospect.
I was once told that the person who is always asking questions is the person controlling the conversation and the situation. Are you agree with this?
None of the company, product or marketing plans of the company why you are struggling to generate sales or to build group.
Don't think that network marketing is all about selling the package. Network marketing is finding the positive open minded or the right person who want to raise his or her current situation.
How? You simply ask this to them!Hi friend! Are you open to a possible opportunity where you can earn that can't interfere with what you doing today? Hi friend! I'm starting a new project, are you open …