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Biggest Reason Why People Doubt

Why people are so doubtful? Why we can't resist it?


In my own opinion, people doubt it's not because of their external appearance , no matter what you look like, he might doubt the way what the brain says.

Does this topic delectable to talk about? The truth is they're not doubtful with you but it's your face. They could be doubtful coz maybe they had so many experiences which is not good that you are experiencing now.

Have you not noticed, every time we eat in a fast food, we ordered just order and eat and eat.  And that's because we know that the food we eat is clean and good for our health.

We know that because we eat a few times and nothing bad happens to us. We know that coz we tested.

But when we eat at a tapsilogan or a typical cafe, in the first place we initially suspect? Coz usually the food that we eat here is cheap, delicious and dirty.

This is the big reason why people is so doubtful. When they have good experience with something, they rarely remember or notice that time that they became happy.

On the other hand when he had bad experience with something, they always remember it whenever they see or do this thing again.

That's the real reason, all people attentions is not good, but the good things once unnoticed. This is really a human nature. Admit it if you think you're not normal.

Another reason why people are so doubtful it's because they're not thinking about you but themselves. They're not care about you, right? If they ate, they only think the foods.

You're not their baby to care about what you eat. Similarly to all other things. When you offered something to them, they only thinks themselves.

They only thinks is "Gosh, this benefit me? Is there anything that it could help me? I think it did not. Yes for him/her but for me it's not."

We must admit that we are all judgmental in the beginning. It is normal. But it takes more and more we can see that threatens turned to us to do something, the more we think, "This is good, it's good for me"

However, one thing I want you to learn here. Every things in life, all the actions you do, everything are needed to take risk.

Because if you stay in your comfort zone. If you are contented of what you are doing every day in your life but you are not moving close towards your dreams and goals in life. Only one meaning, nothings happens to you.

Maybe you forget all successful people today, they started to take the risk. Imagine if they did not try to take the risk what will happen. They will stay like where you are, right?

Because everything in life is a gamble. The God himself, sacrifice himself, because he himself had been so confident he will deliver us.

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