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How to Remove Powered By Blogger Permanently?

How to remove powered by blogger attribution widget permanently in the footer of your theme in blogspot blog.

Before going to the process on how to remove it.  You must have to backup your blogger template because you have to edit your html code of your blog.

If anything happens to your blog or template modified doesn't work you have your backup template ready that we can restore it anytime.

In this this tutorial I have a two methods of removing powered by blogger permanently. Why two because some blogger template doesn't work on the first tutorial and some doesn't work on the second tuturial.

If it doesn't work to you the first tutorial then you need to try the second tutorial to successfully remove the annoying powered by blogger in your blogspot.

Tutorial 1: Remove Powered by Blogger by completely removing the whole code of the widget.

Step 1 : Go to your blog "Theme" | click on "Edit HTML"

Step 2 : Ctrl+F in your keyboard and type "Attribution1"

Step 3:  Once found open it by clicking the black arrow on the left side of the code.

Step 4:  You delete the entire code.

Step 5: Once done click "Save Theme"

View now your blog and go on to your footer. See if the "Powered by Blogger" was being removed.
If its not working then you must have to work on the tutorial 2. Simply follow this:

Tutorial 1: Remove Powered by Blogger by adding a CSS code in your template.

Step 1: Go to your blog "Theme" | click on "Customize"

Step 2: Click Advance and Find the Add CSS

Step 3: Add this code: #Attribution1 {display: none;}

Step 4: Save by clicking "Apply to Blog"

View now your blog and go on to your footer. See if the "Powered by Blogger" was being removed.

You do this because removing this attribution widget will add professional look to your blog. Hope it will help you and works for you on removing the Powered by Blogger.


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