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How to start a blog that people can't get tired updating even years and beyond

At this time, blogging is not just a past time routine or writing as a diary. Many people have been successful in blogging field and it's already normal for them to earn a huge amount of money.

Despite on this, it is not clear that some blogs that never reach a year has being abandoned. Have you ever wondered how every blog site is built every second.

Some of which will actually reach the first year of its establishment and more can't. How else a blog can reach a half life of a decade.

What I mean on the above is from the information I found and read. Because only a small percentage will succeed in blogging. That blogging is not for everyone.

Often, these blogs will lose activity in just six months, though it's live online but it's not working anymore or no more actions done on it. It's natural as it will be called as dormant or not growing.

Now, how to really start a blog that people can't get tired updating even years and beyond.

Let me answer it with my own experience I will just have to generalized it so that all can relate.

First: Follow what you want to do, before earning money. In short, "PASSION BEFORE MONEY"

You often hear it to people who are successful and prosperous in this industry. However, many have denied the truth. It's still the money is immediately sought.

As a result, bloggers focus more on writing topics that they think will be more profitable even if they have no interest in them or do not have the right skills.

I have a favorite blogger which is my mentor is just started blogging on his own passion which is photography. The more he wanted to learn more about taking pictures and sharing the wisdom he knew in blogging.

Until days passing by he noticed that many people are visiting his blog, it's already a big reason to monetize it. 

So my very very first advice to most bloggers is that start a blog on your own passion. Because the more passionate you blog what you want the more topic you can have to wrote.

Second: Make a personal step in order to have an extensive resources of idea.

What you have read, hear, and see will be your post topic. What comes up with your mind will also be the result of your blogs content. So, whatever inputs is, it's only natural that it relates to the outcome.

Because of this, you should keep searching of finding wisdom in your topic. Be familiar with the latest and most recent ideas on your topic. Also always put it in your mind that you keep your thirst for the information's in developing your blog.

Subscribe to a website that pertains to the subject of your blog, do research, or otherwise enroll in "free online courses" to improve your skills.

Third: Enhance your ambition to succeed wisely

When I started blogging, I also had some difficulties, errors and frustration. Successful bloggers are all over the stories. I became unlucky and unplanned.

In my 2 years of blogging, more than ten blogsite that i have abandoned. As what i have said or suggested before, I have no passion on the subject, or have no enough skills, and its the reason to lose appetite on writing when i was burned out or have a difficulties in reaching my goals.

Well, these mistakes have made it possible for me to learn more. Nowadays, though I am not a full time blogger yet, I am earning enough and extra money on my regular work as a technical.

The next time your start a blog, consider the three things that I've come across with this article. And if you want to improve more your blogging skills just keep reading in my other articles that you think can help you.


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