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Internet Marketing Top Most Secrets Revealed

In this article I will be tackling secret information that can make people become rich in the power of internet marketing. This information that I will be tackling is from my coach that who taught me.

I know this information that you’re about to learn will make you become successful. I believe this can also change your life.

internet marketing

I want you to use this new knowledge that you will get to reach your goals.

I want to ask you one question “What is your goal?” what is your reason why you’re reading this?

v  Do you want to earn addition income? You can definitely do it!
v  Do you want to become fulltime entrepreneur, quit your job and become your own boss? You can do it!
v  Are you dreaming to buy your dream car and dream house? You can do it!
v  Having a time financial freedom? You can do it!

I know you can do it as long as you will take it seriously at invest some time and effort to learn this secret information that I will be tackling.

Stay focus and give this information 100% of your attention. This secret information that I will be tackling will cost you $100 but I will gave it to you for free.

Imagine that this information that can change your life will cost you for free. But please don’t you under estimate this secret information.

Because you can achieve great things if you apply this new knowledge that you learn

Learn these 5 Keys of a Successful Internet Business That Generates Millions of Sales Every Year

Internet business is very simple. This is like traditional businesses.

For example with a traditional business is like a fast food restaurant, there are key elements that is necessary so that this business will success.  These are the elements.

CUSTOMER – Of course people need to enter the fast food store and customers will buy.

STORE (System and Process) – It serves as a business machine. This system was going for handling business process and transactions.

Part of a system of traditional business are those kitchen equipment, cooking tools, those computer used to take orders as well and the staff are also part of the system in fast food business. It is the engine of a business.

PRODUCTS – Must have some form of value available to customers in exchange for money they paid to the business. In our example fast food restaurant, customer’s interests are burgers, fries, soft drinks, juices, and etc.

In online businesses there are also key elements that need. There are these key elements.

TRAFFIC – is a website visitors or website clicks.  If you’re confused what is this let me give you one example.  If there is a person will visit your website that is equals 1 traffic. 1 traffic is equals to 1 website visitors. If you have 100+ visitors that is equals to 100+ traffic.  Much better to have more traffic and here’s why..

Imagine built a restaurant. Then you built it in the middle of the jungle. Or in the middle of the desert where no man passed through or went.

Do you think your restaurant will succeed? Of course not! Right!

Where you often see the successful fast food businesses? In the highways, business streets and shopping centers and close to others fast food restaurants, malls colleges and universities are also a good option for location right?

In your online business as well, you always need to have people in your business website. Daily traffic is really required.

Because the more people visiting your website and every day there is enough traffic in your online business, the more you will have income in your business.

SALES FUNNEL (System & Process) – another very important element of online business is the sales funnel.  Sales funnel is the step by step process through which the prospects until they become customers.

Let’s use those fast food analogies earlier…

Let’s say you want to order a burger meal. Before you do that, you must go through to the step by step process.

v  First you enter the door of the restaurant.
v  Line in the counter
v  Order
v  Pay money to the cashier
v  Then the crew will serve your foods.

That is called sales process. In online business sales process this is a must. A step by step through which the customers buy those products that they want. With this step by step process that your customer will go through before you can sell your products and earn.

This is the typical process that your customers will go through before they can buy.

v  Register an email to enter a website
v  Watch a video presentation or read  a product  description
v  Order the product
v  Process payment
v  Delivery of product

You need that kind of process in your online business. And you need this in your sales funnel.

I’ll be honest; creating that kind of sales funnel can make you headache and pain in pocket. The process is just simple right! But there are so many challenges in creating your funnel in a scratch.

But don’t worry, I will be writing a page that can teach you how you can make sales funnels in a scratch step by step. So that you don’t need to waste your time and make it harder to create your sales funnel.

Just subscribe in to my newsletter

SALES PRESENTATION – It will serve as TV commercial in your business. This will sales your products or offers you.

The main purpose of this sales presentation is to show to the people the benefits of your products and how valuable your products that they will learn?

Do you watch home TV shopping? In that kind of shows they have a products that is highlighted. They shown those products and demonstrate it clearly. That's what likely sale presentation is.

FOLLOW UP– In the world of internet marketing their a proverb "FORTUNE IS IN THE FOLLOW UP" or FIITFU for short. This is really 100% true.

According to one marketing research, mostly customer's decides to buy in between fifth time and in 12th time exposure to the offer and products.

They don't rarely buy products directly in the first attempt that they saw the products and services especially if the transactions is in the internet. So you must follow up your prospect until they will buy from you.

One of my mentor jokely said "FOLLOW UP UNTIL THEY BUY OR UNTIL THEY DIE"

Seriously what he really meant is follow up until they will become your customers. Or they will just decide I skip this, this is not for me though.


Imagine this, you are walking in the mall and then someone ask you. You just saw him/her first time and asking "WILL YOU MARRY ME" what will you'll answer be.

Of course you will say "NO!" because you didn't even know him. This is like what internet marketing was. If this the first time they saw the products? Do you think they will buy your products.

So the most important is follow up. It was like courting a girl and they will just only say YES!.

From now on there are many tools that can be use to follow your prospects. They called it the AUTORESPONDER . I know you will search this. or we will have a training lesson for that autoresponder soon.

If you want to join us and be qualified to our tools A.P.S we will also want to help you to follow up your prospects.

PRODUCTS : In our online business you must have to give them value first in exchange to their payments. This is the kinds of products that you can sale online. This is very common is:

Phyriscal Products -ex. gadgets, supplements.

--- best example selling products is lazada, kimstore.

Digital Products - ex. pictures, software, Video, Templates

--- best example: envanto, Theme forest, Audio Jungle.

Information Products - ebooks, video training courses


Other like SaaS, subcribtion or membership, etc.


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