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Welcome to my blog and thank you for reading.

It always come up in my mind that I want to help others and so this blog is my way. Because I always believe in sayings success starts with helping other people.

My Experiences Until I Found Blogging.

When I was in college I wanted to create a website/blog but I wasn't sure about what I blog. Since then I pursue my studies and finish. 

Time comes when I want to find a work, one of my friend invited me to an event from his company. I go to the event and they always says "good morning" but how it's already late at night. 

Jump to the story, I entered my friends business networking. And that is the time I created my first website/blog and it's all about the business, product of the company, benefits, testimonies etc. 

As I have so many research how could I grow my business, how could I get more sales, read e-books, read tons of articles, use some various tools, and equip all the skills what I need. I asked myself what if I will help others what I've learned from all my experiences.

It's still not the start of the journey. I have a difficulties how can I start so I end up creating a blog all about technologies. I also started my personal blog with just only 11 evergreen articles all about internet marketing.

I never stop reading and reading and reading some articles all about blogging. Until I created this blog pinoybloggingtips(dot)com.

Why I Started This Blog?

This is all I ever wanted before that I want to start a blog that I can help others what they need. I decided to make it for my fellow countrymen only but don't worry it's still in English read. So if you're not a Pinoy you can still enjoy reading my articles.

I started this blog to help others what is all about blogging, give them some tutorials and how to's. In my experience I'm confident that I have learned and developed few skills and I can definitely argue that I have grown both professionally and personally.

I hope I can be an assistance in some way to improve others blogs by sharing what I have learned. I thought it would be really great idea to help educate others and raise some awareness about blogging along the way.

On June 6th of year 2017, I know this could be my first professional blog PinoyBloggingTips already live.

This days learning new things and skills is all available around the web. We can learn so many things very quickly for a little cost or just for FREE. Some people is on the web and learning some skills  that can help them switch into new career field or learn things that can help them make money.

How This Blog Can Help You?

I know you can find this blog helpful for some cases that I want you to build a profitable blog in a long run, attract traffic to your blog, convert readers or visitors in to money, some simple SEO that works.

But first of all this is not for everyone, this is for the people who would like to work smart, take action and learn some cool stuff. So if your not the one mention above you can leave my page and thanks for reading.

Hopefully by reading some of my articles you'll be inspired as I will make it yours as much as it is mine. I blog some tutorials and make it very very valuable for you. So many that you can see and use it to your own blogs.

As your reading this blog. I want you to know that I want you to be part of this. I want to welcome you to send me topics to discussed and I will post them on your behalf with your name and company. I look forward to your involvement as this is also the easiest way to get grow you brand.

Your Thoughts About This Blog

I know some of you reading this blog want to show gratitude how my articles help you. I mean you may want to write some sayings or reviews about my blog. I will post it here in this section just send me a message with your complete name and your website.

This is also the way how you can brand. What are you waiting grab this my offer.

Like this sample reviews:

"I always find useful tips and strategies on this blog and he is very helpful and supportive too. Make this blog one that you add to your daily reading list so you can stay on top of all the top tips in our niche.”

Who, What, When The Earth Am I?

My name is Bryan Ramirez Degamo - The guy behind this blog.

I'm a worker, blogger, coach, and a self taught what skills I have especially web design.

I first used a computer when I was grade 2 and love to play killing my opponent in counter strike. All I want is playing computer games since child is growing I thought myself how to make a games. So I'm really very eager to learn how to make a game in computer but no one taught me on this. 

When I went to college my course is Electro-Mechanical Technology but I really wanted to be an Information Technology student as computer is my fashion. What happens I failed taking as an IT Students so I become a technician.

Random List About Me:
  • I was born 1993 in Cebu, Philippines
  • I love computers
  • I like to spend my time on web. When not I'm taking my time some rest or playing games with my friends
  • I really love blogging that's why I started this blog
  • My favorites color is blue,black and white. My favorite number is #24 -Kobe Bryant
  • I love travelling around the world
  • I love to help others and it makes me happy though

Connect With Me!

I am very thankful you read this blog and find some helpful tips and ideas, to your comments it means a lot to me.

I always do my best to respond to all your comments and emails.

You can contact me on or faster communication message me on my


Thanks once again for dropping by.

Last one tips I want you to do. "Don't just read blogging tips... take actions and implement"

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